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Chokers have come in and out of fashion over the centuries. Originally worn to protect the neck, a part of the body that was considered vulnerable and to give power to its wearer. Chokers reappears during the renaissance in portraits with necklaces being worn close and high on the neck.
In the mid eighteen hundreds, the wearing of a black choker could signify a prostitute. In the late eighteen hundred and early nineteen hundreds Queen Victoria, as well as, the Princess of Wales, formerly Alexandra of Denmark, popularized the choker necklace again. The choker necklace continue in style through the rolling twenties; fading in popularity after the end of the Art Deco Period.
Chokers regained popularity in the early 1970 during the hippie era and then again in the nineties. In 2015, chokers became a fashion trend appearing on runways and once again on necks.
Chokers over time have evolved from simple ribbons to diversity of materials, fabric, hemp and pukka shells, plastic, tattoo as well as gemstones and precious metals.
I incorporated some choker style into 2016-2017 Collection. These chokers are adjustable. They can be worn as chockers or given the length of the cord they can be worn at multiple lengths, wrapped and layered.
To view some of these chokers please visit www.delavegadesigns.com and facebook at de la Vega Designs.

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