About Lucy de la Vega

As a child growing up in New York City, my passion was fashion design. In addition to designing my own clothes, I was also the neighborhood go-to girl for any number of arts projects that required help in crafting and assembling. But as is so often the case, my youthful passions were trumped by practicality (and parental advice), and I ended up studying marketing and finance. This led to my 20-year first career working in the financial markets in the U.S., Europe and South America.

In 1997, it all came full circle, I found myself newly married and newly moved to Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world. It was oddly fitting that it was in Italy, with its centuries-old tradition of fine arts and craftsmanship that I finally embarked on my true vocation – jewelry and fashion design. I had the good fortune to train with some extremely skilled Milanese artisans and under their tutelage,  I began creating my signature jewelry design. What began as a personal passion shared with a few friends, soon turned into a business. Today, I sell my pieces in 11 countries around the world, from the U.S. and Canada to the Caribbean, South America and Europe.

I craft all of my designs myself with most of them being one of a kind. Using simplicity as my mantra, I let the materials speak for themselves as I draw inspiration from their textures, colors, feel and energy. I select  only the most beautiful natural stones, gemstones, South Sea pearls, cultured freshwater pearls, as well as, wood and leather that will be turned into that amazing piece that someone will wear. I strive to create design which are timeless – classical yet modern, but always with a unique twist.

All of my necklaces are assembled on silk thread and all are individually knotted giving then a beauty, suppleness and a luxurious feel.  Established clients, as well as, new clients always comment that they love the feel of my pieces and their energy. They are always amazed at the many compliments they received whether the piece is a new acquisition or old item in there collection!

Over the years my work has been sold primarily at private trunk shows. It has also been offered at fine stores and boutiques including the Metropolitan Opera Gift Shop in New York City, Vianett in Napa Valley, William Greenwood in Woodstock, New York and Mayda Cisneros Couture, Jorge Hulian Gallery, idesigns, Bonnin Ashley and Kapz Gallery in Miami.


Lucy de la Vega.

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