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I hope you have looked at my website and are liking it!!!!

Yesterday, I had my first website sale!!! Yeah, websites work! While very exciting, it was not a seamless process. Let me explain.

A new client was trying to buy one of my pieces and after various frustrating attempts she sent me an email telling me of her predicament. It seemed her credit cards were being rejected and the site was also indicating that the piece she wanted was no longer available. I found that strange, as nothing had been sold up to that point.

I went on to the site and decided to try the purchasing process myself. Well, I encountered the same issue, my credit card was also rejected. At this point I contacted my helpful web designer who was also initially baffled, but quickly resolved the glitch. The platform provided the ability to test buy an item without the credit card going through. I had tested the feature and forgot to take the test mode off.

Once resolved, my client was happy to be able to purchase the piece she wanted.

As I said I have a lot to learn about websites and social media!!!!!

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