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LOL….It’s finally here, www.delavegadesigns.com. I can’t believe I am finally launching my website!!!

For those of you that don’t know me, I want to say that I have been creating unique jewelry for almost 20 years (since 1997). Time has gone by so quickly. For those of you that know me, you are probably wondering what took me so long to have a website. Well….. It’s a long story.

In reality, I never want to have a website, as I didn’t think a website would best show the quality of my work. I didn’t think the website route was meant for my jewelry. But with the passing of time, I came around to thinking I should have a site where my existing and future customers could see what I was doing.

This website was created with my customers in mind, as they know the quality of my work and know how my pieces feel. The website, now gives my customers a point of reference to my work when asked about the piece they are wearing. The website is something they have been asking me to do for a long time.

Yes, it’s been a long road to having a website. It has finally been accomplished and I am happy with the results.

As many of you know, the work that goes into creating a websites is brutal…., especially with unique pieces. There are the photos to take, descriptions to write for each one of the items, etc., etc., etc. After having done all that work various times, I could not bear to take another photo or write another description. It took me a year since my last attempt to re-start the process. All previous work was irrelevant as the pieces that had been featured were already sold. So, five-to-six years from my original attempt at producing a website and with the help from the most patient and supportive web designer- Humberto Maquilon – www.viomedia.com, I finally got it done!

I hope you like www.delavegadesigns.com!!!, love my jewelry and become a follower of my blog.

Your feedback and comments will be greatly appreciated!

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