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I aim to create “unique” handcrafted jewelry. Even if a piece is repeated, it will be unique, as I try to change something in the new piece for example: the color of the silk thread, the clasp, the length, just something. I believe all my pieces are unique anyway, as we are dealing with natural stones and pearls. Natural stones and pearls come from nature and in nature nothing is ever the same. To be honest with you and with myself, if I would have to make 20 of any of my pieces I would be bored and probably not have been in this business since 1997.

Gemstones and pearls are amazing materials to work with. Unlike gold, silver or platinum the gemstones and pearls you buy may be all that is available at that time. If the cut is rare, usually you can’t reorder unless you order large quantities. In what I do I want to maintain the uniqueness and prefer that the supply be limited. The lesson learned back in 1998 was if you don’t buy it all when you see it, it will be gone when you go to get more of it and usually unavailable.

To be continued in…. A lesson learned

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