- A lesson learned by de la Vega Designs Jewelry

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Back then, I remember I designed and made a very beautiful pearl necklace. It was a multi strand pearl necklace of a particular natural hue. My supplier advised me to buy the remaining lot of those pearls and I did not. When I was ninety percent finished, I realized I would need more pearls. I went back to my vendor and he had none left. He laughed and said “Remember what I told you when you were here buying those pearls?”

I tried sourcing what I needed from other vendors, but had no success. I had to cut up my design and start anew. All those hours of work were wasted. Then and there I realized the uniqueness of these materials and thus their beauty. Unlike gold, silver and platinum, you just can’t place an order when you want.

I hope you, like me, learn to appreciate the uniqueness, beauty and energy of these natural gemstones and pearls, converted into a timeless jewelry piece ready for you to wear!!!


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