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I have a few favorite materials to work with and then there are also styles that I love. In this blog I want to concentrate on the multi strand cultured fresh water pearl nugget necklace. As you may know, cultured fresh water pearls come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. For my multi strand cultured fresh water pearl nugget necklaces, I like to work with large nugget cultured pearls 10mm (approximately 3/8 of an inch) or larger. While the larger sizes are not easily available, the resulting necklaces are statement pieces. The multi strand cultured pearl necklaces are usually greater than four strands with the norm being five strands. They can be worn out to dinner, to the office or casual with jeans and a t-shirt, dressed up or dressed down.

I own one of these, which I have had since probably 2000, when I started making this design. This is a go to necklace for me, as it looks great with whatever I wear. I can’t tell you how many times I get stopped and asked about this necklace. Granted, I am very fastidious about the quality of my pearls, and their beauty cannot be ignored when worn. All my necklaces are strung on silk thread and individually knotted. This in itself gives my designs a suppleness and feel that is really amazing.

You may wonder how many of these necklace I have made since the original design? Well, I think in total, probably not more that fifteen. As indicated in past blog, each necklace is unique as differentiated by the pearls themselves, their color, the color of the silk thread etc. Customers that own these necklaces gave given me testimonials as to how “they love the quality, the feel and the versatility of these multi strand cultured fresh water cultured pearl nugget necklaces.”

Currently, I have a few available in white, natural, and pale yellow. The one on the website is the one you would be buying. These necklaces are a go to piece in any jewelry collection. Yet, the big plus is the timelessness the necklace.

If you want to see a finished product please go to Pearl Necklaces at www.delavegadesigns.com

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