- Who do I design for??? You may wonder...

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You may wonder who I design for. Well, you should know. All designers design for someone and in my case, it is me. For those who know me, you know how meticulous I am as to the quality of the materials I use, as well as, the end product.

I have a particular style or fashion sense, if you will. With that in mind, my goal is to create timeless pieces that are bold, modern and beautiful. In the jewelry, as in my clothing, I like a timeless, classic and yet a fashion forward look. I like to wear unique things that make a statement. I would hate to go into a room and find someone wearing exactly the same thing. Based on that, I strive to make unique or one of a kind jewelry.

Clients that have been with me since the beginning in 1997, tell me they wear the jewelry they have purchase from me throughout the years and consistently get many compliments. My motto is to design classic, timeless yet modern with a twist jewelry.

With time and if you follow my posts, you will be able to see that in my designs and you will be able to recognize my work. I have actually have clients who didn’t know each other, but recognize my work on the other person ask “Is what you are wearing a “de la Vega?”


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