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Round gemstone beads are your classic beads that have been around forever. They range from less than 1mm and greater in size. These gemstone beads are easier to source than the larger gemstone beads discussed in my previous blog. The difficulty here can be finding a specific gemstone. Some gemstones like onyx, howlite, hematite are more easily sourced than aquamarine, lapis among others precious stones.

Sometimes the mines decided to produce the smaller sizes and not the larger ones. This can be due to a greater demand for smaller beads due to the influence of fashion trends and colors. This can put the designer in a bind, if the desired size is not available. This lack of availability of certain gemstones sizes, shapes and colors makes them much more exotic and valuable to me. Unlike precious metals, they cannot be reproduced into the size or shape you want as the gemstones may no longer be available or the mine has become extinct.

The smaller gemstone beads allow you to use them alone in a short or long single strand gemstone necklace or create a multi-strand gemstone necklace. Both are beautiful. It all depends on the gemstones.

When I am creating the long single strand necklaces I like to make them long enough so that my client can double or triple the necklace, creating multiple uses for the same necklace to me makes them a more versatile piece.

The clasp can also change the look of the necklace, as it may be shown on the side depending on the type of clasp, giving the necklace a different look. If worn on the back of the neck you show case the beauty of the gemstones you are wearing. Finding interesting clasps, which are easy to use is difficult. This is always a challenge to the designer.

The single short gemstones necklaces are the classic designs that have been around forever. Here the challenge is to find the exceptional gemstones that will look beautiful even though the size of the gemstone bead is small. Still making the necklace a statement piece.

The multi-strand gemstone necklaces are statement pieces. They change the look of an outfit. In my designs, the smaller the beads the more strands I like to incorporate into the necklace. I am all about statement necklaces!!!

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