- Twenty, Twenty-Two Millimeter Beads or Larger

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I love large round gemstone beads. These gemstone beads make classic necklaces, but given their size, these large gemstone beads turn into a modern, bold statement necklace that is simple and looks beautiful.

I am all about the stones!!! Eighteen and twenty millimeter gemstone beads are easier to source than twenty-two, twenty five millimeter or larger. When I find the larger millimeters I stock up, but restocking can be difficult. With the larger gemstones I tend to make one strand gemstone necklaces close to the neck.

Clients like these one stand necklaces for their simplicity and yet bold look!!!

I try to have this style of gemstone necklaces available on the website. I find them to be classic, modern and timeless. If you don’t own, one you should consider a twenty millimeter onyx, a conservative choice that goes with almost everything. I own one of these and it’s a go to piece year round.


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